Thanks again to everyone who joined us for LevelUp 0x04 last week!

Bugcrowd is dedicated to our researcher community. Through the LevelUp series, we aim to provide resources and opportunities to help our community develop new skills to advance their bug hunting. But it isn’t done alone.

I’m so grateful for all of our presenters for their time and knowledge, and for our global viewers who joined in from all hours of the day to learn and participate with us. It truly was a representation of this series’ theme: collaboration. 

If you missed us this round, you’re in luck. All of the presentations have been recorded and are now available in full on YouTube and on Bugcrowd University.

It was an exciting two day live stream, jam-packed with content from eight presentations. We kicked off with a welcome address from Bugcrowd CEO Ashish Gupta, who shared his approach to the “infinite game” of hacking and his vision for the future of crowdsourced security, followed by our presentations.

Here’s a list of all of the presentations from LevelUp 0x04:

OWASP Amass – Discovering Internet Exposure – by Jeff Foley & Anthony Rhodes

Jeff and Anthony present OWASP Amass, a powerful discovery tool that can help any web hacker take things to the next level. This session provides a thorough explanation of the tool and project before diving into on-screen demos.

The Diary of an (Inexperienced) Bug Hunter – by Jasmine Jackson

Jasmine’s presentation is a must-watch for any beginner or entry-level Android hacker. Jasmine recently began her mobile hacking journey, and her presentation provides a detailed and helpful collection of resources and tools that every new Android hacker should have in their back pocket.

Group Hacking: A Mini Live-Hacking Event – by Rojan Rijal

Rojan has been active within the bug bounty hacking community for the past few years. In this presentation, he shares his experiences, tips, and techniques for successfully hacking alongside other hackers.

How to Use Zap + using Zap HUD in your browser – by David Scrobonia

Looking for an alternative to Burp Suite? David joines us for this awesome talk about the OWASP Zap project. He goes through how to use Zap as a Burp user, with very practical examples and exciting demos of the power you can unlock with the Zap HUD in your browser. This is a must see for web hackers.

1 Hacker is Good, 2 Hackers are Better – Bug Hunting as a Team – by Internetwache, Tim Philipp Schäfers / Sebastian Neef

Internetwache, comprised of Philipp and Sebastian, has been active in the bug bounty space since the early days. This presentation goes through the tools, workflows, techniques, and skills needed to successfully hack as a group.

Fun with Frida on Mobile – by Dawn Isabel

Dawn’s presentation explores how to use the Frida tool to test Android and iOS applications. Learn how Frida can assist with black box analysis testing by with automation and tooling.

So You Want to Be a Pentester? – by Phillip Wylie

Bugcrowd Ambassador Phillip Wylie jois us to share his practical guide to becoming a professional penetration tester. If you’d like to pursue pen testing as a career, be sure to catch his talk!

Forget ME, Remember WE. How to hack better with a group – by John Freeman

John shares his experiences and learnings from building hacking groups across the globe. This is a fantastic practical and approachable talk that shares great advice for any security researchers or hackers that are trying to meet others, network, and hack together with peers.

Car Hacking: A College Student’s Perspective – by Neiko Rivera

Car hacking can be intimidating to any beginner, especially young and aspiring hackers. Neiko shares his journey as a college student turned car hacker who has gone on to successfully hack vehicles and compete in car hacking CTFs.

We’ll be coming back again in Fall 2019 for LevelUp 0x05. Email if you’re interested in learning more about presenting!