Submissions often fall under the same category, which means you’re rewriting a report from scratch over and over again. If you’re constantly engaging in repeat work, you’re losing time in submissions and triage. The longer it takes to get the submission triaged and approved, the longer it takes for you to get rewarded. What if there was a way to speed this up? A way to avoid repeat, inefficient work during your submission process?

Efficient, No Repeat Work, and Faster Triage Times

You may have drafted your own templates in the past. Or written them out each and every time. Either way, it’s tedious and inefficient, taking time away from hacking. We aim to smooth out this process for you, clearing up time and energy during your submissions; resulting in faster triage times, faster rewards and a better experience for you and program owners. The more efficient you can make your submission process, the faster you get rewarded. 

The success of a program, researcher payouts and customer satisfaction depends on high-quality submissions. To aid in this, we’re introducing Researcher Submission Templates! Read on to learn how to get started today with your Researcher Submission Templates. And stay tuned as we release more insight into this multi-service feature and how our team took precise steps to build something unique to hackers.

How it works:

Our multi-service platform thrives when it’s given the right tools to match researchers with the right programs. One such tool is high-quality submissions that are clear and concise. 

We have created over 50 templates with more on the way. We provide you with clear report guidelines right in the platform to make your job easier and assist in faster triage times. Of course, faster triage times means faster rewards for you. And for Pen Testers, this also means faster program owner acceptance on your reports. 

Start by choosing the appropriate VRT category:

You’ll find a template for most VRT types: 

The template will load if we have a template for that VRT.  If you delete the template, it will not automatically re-appear.

Moving forward:

Take a look below at the list of Researcher Submission Templates we have available. They’re designed to improve your submission time, improve your reports and improve your experience on the Bugcrowd platform. 

Keep your eyes peeled for our next piece that will give a more in-depth look into our thought-process regarding Researcher Submission Templates. And of course, more exciting platform updates! Subscribe to our Twitter, check out our researcher documents, and join our Discord for the latest on Bugcrowd. Be sure to keep your eye out for our next announcement. Or email us at