Noticing anything new lately? We have been making major improvements to the Researcher experience on the Bugcrowd platform. Some of these changes enhance the profile design and workflow for users. Others offer new ways to show us who you are outside of the platform. Our two newest additions are enhancements to the Researcher profile: Resumes and Profile Layout Updates

One of our main goals for the Bugcrowd platform is to provide Researchers with engagements and programs that are relevant to them. Utilizing data on a Researcher’s skills, their interests, experiences with Bugcrowd or security in general, alongside their past activity on the platform, allows our CrowdMatch recommendation engine to provide better-tuned opportunity suggestions. Resumes provide a new source of information about Researchers that gives the platform more ways to better match Researchers with ongoing and upcoming engagements. Better program matching leads to more success!


We’ve added a new Resume section to your Researcher profile. This is the place to tell us all about your skills and accomplishments you’ve made in Information Security and beyond. You can include a Summary, your Work Experience, Education, Security Testing, and any Certifications you’ve earned to give us a better idea of your security background.

Once you’ve filled out your resume details, we’ll be able to use this provided information to match your qualifications with the right program or engagement opportunities. Additionally, your resume can also be used to more easily apply to our Waitlisted Programs. Make sure you fill it out and keep it updated.

Head over now to fill in those details! Researcher Profile: Resume

Profile Layout Changes

Researcher Profiles have a fresh new look! 

In addition to Resumes, you can now express yourself through images with our new profile banners. You can set a banner on your profile by clicking “Upload Image” at the top right corner of your Researcher profile. 

This isn’t the end to these changes. Over the next few months we will be launching expansions and enhancements to Researcher profiles along with the platform. For many of you who call Bugcrowd home, we are working hard to create a place where you can consolidate and showcase all of your security talents, skills, interests, and wins.  

Happy Hunting!