Over the years, I have been offered many opportunities to join the boards of companies, both public and private. In most cases I’ve declined these opportunities, but when my colleague Niki Scevak asked me if I would take on Blackbird’s board seat at Bugcrowd I immediately agreed. 

There are a number of reasons why: 

  1. I am a fundamental believer in the digital economy and in order to have a vibrant, innovative economy that’s digital it MUST be secure. The security landscape is one of the most fragmented markets in the global technology ecosystem, but there is no one technology solution or one person that has all the answers to the threat vector landscape.
  2. I believe that the secret to all great technology companies is its people. The collective intellectual capital is what enables an organization to innovate and iterate on an initial concept to enable ground breaking technology. In Bugcrowd’s case, it is the power of community combined with  the fantastic team at Bugcrowd that is the secret to its success. The ability of their researchers to find vulnerabilities in customers’ environments and offer practical answers is amazing.
  3. I also believe a huge differentiator of any technology organization is its customer- centricity: how a product, platform or service is designed with the customer at the center of everything the organization does – the customer service, the support provided to customers as they are onboarded, and the long-term thinking of how to help customers solve their problems.

Bugcrowd’s very existence is grounded in these three fundamental principles, and it approaches the market with a long term vision, and a culture that enables it to be a leader in the market over the long term. I hope I can add value to Ashish, Casey and the entire Bugcrowd team by helping them scale this amazing business.