September 2015 Hall of Fame announcement time! Big recognition goes to securityidiots, who topped the September leaderboard with 329 points earned through multiple P1 and P2 submissions.

To thank our top performers for their hard work, Bugcrowd is pleased to announce the following researchers will receive September 2015 performance bonuses:

  1. securityidiots – 329 points – $2,500 bonus
  2. harie_cool – 292 points – $1,500 bonus
  3. JustinSteven – 200 points – $1,000 bonus

Want to see your name in the Hall of Fame?

How does a researcher earn Kudos points? High severity bugs that result in critical security impact like remote code execution or elevation of privilege earn the most points – check out our blog for a points and priority break down and read more discussion about why an IDOR can be anywhere from a P1 to a P3 on the Bugcrowd Forum. Submitting high severity bugs not only gets you bigger rewards, it can also help you get invited to private bounty programs faster – check out A Look At Private Program Invites to learn more about how to get chosen for private programs.

September 2015 HoF

Thanks again to all of the Bugcrowd researchers for all of their hard work in September. We can’t wait to see who is in the Hall of Fame for October!