We are excited to announce our September 2019 Hall of Fame winners! Here they are:

fransrosen crushed 1st place with 440 points! Private user rocked in 2nd place with 420 points, and rounding out the top three in 3rd place is todayisnew with 285.

We would like to thank our top performers by awarding the following bonuses:

  • First place – $3,000 bonus
  • Second place – $2,000 bonus
  • Third place – $1,000 bonus

We appreciate all the fantastic work you do to make our programs successful and value your continued partnership with us. 

Think you have what it takes to get onto the Leaderboard?

Start submitting high-severity bugs today! Bugs that result in critical security impact such as remote code execution or elevation of privilege will earn you the most kudos points. 

Huge thanks to all of you for your outstanding work and contributions! We look forward to our October Hall of Fame results.