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Submissions With Bugcrowd

Submissions With Bugcrowd

Submitting reports should be simple, efficient and easy. We realized our submission process could be improved, so we did just that. To be candid; we had some areas on our submission form that were about as useful as Sakura. #SASUKE 🗣 (iykyk). 

Our submission form was a little outdated. We had areas that weren’t helpful to you and it got in the way of your submission quality. In an effort to improve your experience, we’ve removed two fields under Vulnerability Details: Trace Dump and Additional Information. 

Take a peek below at the improved Vulnerability Details portion of our submission form:

Sbmission form screenshot

Wasn’t it annoying how you were previously limited by lame things like the size of the description field and character count? Especially when you have a complex bug to report. Consider that nuisance a thing of the past with the newly expanded description box with up to 25,000 – characters! This new hotness will allow for more detail and structure, so you can ensure an accurate submission. 

Our primary goal is to provide a top-tier platform experience and that includes continuously fine-tuning your submission process. That being said, enjoy this new feature update and keep an eye out for many more in 2022! To stay up to date, make sure you’re following us on Twitter and Discord.

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