Tango bundles simple technology, great rewards, and expert service to help companies get the most out of their reward programs. Tango, founded in 2009 and headquartered in Seattle, WA, has revolutionized rewards, mostly in the form of gift cards, prepaid cards, or monetary payouts, by simplifying the delivery of secure incentive programs for organizations. It delivers millions of rewards each month for several different use cases, including human resources, marketing, sales, customer engagement, and more. 

While their reward strategy has led to rapid company growth, it has also increased infrastructure complexity and the number of cloud security threats. As such, Tango’s security team faced a growing number of new and unpredictable threats. Despite the team’s competency, Tango recognized the need to enhance its capabilities by collaborating with a robust crowdsourced security platform.

Tango’s priority was to secure sensitive transaction data for its clients while continuing to innovate. The company is committed to combating threats, bad actors, and security incidents. Above all, it wanted to uphold and enhance its brand reputation through a proactive approach to risk reduction. However, rapid digital transformation and an expanding attack surface have proven to be significant challenges.

This aligns with the challenges that other financial services organizations are currently facing. According to Inside the Platform, the financial services industry had an 11% increase in the amount of crowdsourced security vulnerability submissions in 2023. Financial services institutions were historically one of the first industries to adopt crowdsourced security, and the sector has experienced continuous growth with crowdsourced security adoption in the past decade. 

To address these challenges, Tango enlisted the Bugcrowd Platform. Leveraging Managed Bug Bounty, Tango teamed up with hackers to find vulnerabilities in its services that are beyond the reach of automated tools. This collaboration enhanced Tango’s security posture and competitive edge while mitigating potential risks and strengthening customer trust. “Bugcrowd has transformed the way we approach identifying new cybersecurity attack scenarios,” said Tango’s VP of Information Security Monica Bush. “The Bugcrowd platform has enabled us to tap into a diverse pool of talent and has been vital in augmenting our team in identifying and addressing vulnerabilities.”

Managed Bug Bounty helped Tango better secure its customers’ transactions and keep up with the ever-changing threat landscape. By integrating the identification of vulnerabilities into their existing DevSec tools and processes, Tango’s developers could fortify new features against potential threats. “Bugcrowd partnered with us to identify hard-to-find security weaknesses and provide rapid notifications so the team may address corrections asap,” said Monica Bush. “Bugcrowd’s approach to security has allowed us to focus on our core business, knowing that our systems are in safe hands.” Bugcrowd’s reporting and validation processes also significantly contributed to ensuring Tango’s compliance with security audits and regulations.

Tango’s collaboration with Bugcrowd exemplifies how the alignment of security strategies with rapid innovation can address complex cybersecurity challenges. This partnership has helped Tango secure its operations, preserve its brand reputation, and prepare for future growth. Tango plans to continue working with Bugcrowd, focusing on scaling its bug bounty program and adapting it to new products, services, and technologies.

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