🎵 On the first day of Swagmas

Bugcrowd sent to me 

Stickers all about bug bountiessssssss 🎵

There’s no denying it…Bugcrowd’s swag game has always been top tier. Over the past decade, we’ve prioritized rewarding hackers with the coolest stickers, t-shirts, and other swag, so our community can rep the brand that we’ve all built together.

Pic thanks to @rahul0x00 via X

During this festive season, we’ve decided to take a walk down memory lane, remembering swag classics and highlighting new fan-favorites. We asked our hacker community, customers, and employees to share their favorite Bugcrowd swag from the past ten years.

The 12 Days of Swagmas highlights include:

  1. My Other Computer is your Computer
  2. Grace Hopper has a Posse
  3. Classic Horror Movie Series
  4. This LAN is our LAN
  5. P1 Warriors
  6. The Bugcrowd Keyboard
  7. Bug Bash Swag
  8. Outhunt Them All
  9. Top 100 MVP Hackers
  10. Outhack Them All Series
  11. It Takes a Crowd
  12. Ingenuity Unleashed

Check out the pictures below! 


1) My Other Computer is your Computer

Nothing beats the OG Bugcrowd swag. “My Other Computer is your Computer” was an instant classic in the Bugcrowd community. Whether you prefer the English or Russian version, you can find this popular catchphrase printed on stickers, t-shirts, card decks, hats, and more.



2) Grace Hopper has a Posse

Another classic! Grace Hopper is known as a pioneer of computer programming. She developed the first compiler, A-0, and the programming language COBOL. She is also known for popularizing the computing term “bug.”


3) Classic Horror Movie Series

One of our most popular additions to the Bugcrowd swag family is the classic horror movie series. These stickers and t-shirts riff on classic horror movies like It and Jaws, showing the scary side of cybersecurity. 


4) This LAN is our LAN

Another old school classic!


5) P1 Warriors

The P1 Warrior incentive program rewards hackers for their total count of valid P1 submissions in a year. P1 Warriors get some seriously awesome swag!


6) The Bugcrowd Keyboard

Shhhh. The iconic Bugcrowd keyboard can only be spoken about in hushed tones. Reverence is required when discussing this rare artifact. If you’re one of the hackers lucky enough to have this keyboard on your desk, consider yourself lucky.


7) Bug Bash Swag

Honestly, we could do a whole separate post about cool custom swag from bug bashes. From poker chips to boxing gloves to personalized jerseys and bobbleheads, nobody leaves a bug bash empty handed.


8) Outhunt Them All

This character that we refer to as ShadowBuggy perfectly embodies the badass nature of hacking. We’re ditching dated references to hackers in hoodies and showcasing hacking in all of its glory.


9) Top 100 MVP Hackers

Here’s a little throwback from 2018. Five years ago, we compiled the names of our top 100 MVP hackers into this incredible bug design. It was a hit with the hackers on the list, and we love seeing this shirt at conferences like DEF CON.


10) Outhack Them All Series

This series is a favorite within the hacking community. The samurai design was highly coveted when it was first released and is still a favorite giveaway on social media and in conference booths. The retro Outhack Them All t-shirt is another classic, most recently seen worn by hacker Erik De Jong at our BlackHat Europe booth.


11) It Takes a Crowd

Sometimes a design concept and t-shirt come together to create magic…and that is certainly what happened with this highly-coveted “It Takes a Crowd” shirt. The psychedelic space design and unique colors were a hit!



12) Ingenuity Unleashed 

The newest Bugcrowd swag was launched at BlackHat this year. It includes our company mascot, Buggy, and our brand new tagline, Ingenuity Unleashed. Be sure to grab this swag while you have the chance, before it joins the ranks of vintage classics like some of the others on this list!

And that’s a wrap on the 12 Days of Swagmas. Did we miss any of your favorite swag items? Let us know on X (formerly Twitter)! Happy Holidays and Merry Swagmas from Bugcrowd.