Hello friends! Are you interested in speaking at an upcoming LevelUp virtual conference or event? Well, you’re in luck! Our LevelUp CFP is open! You can now submit your talk ideas to our CFP intake form for consideration! 

Click here for the LevelUp CFP Submission Form


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When is the next LevelUp?

We are currently in the planning stages of our next major event! Stay tuned to the Bugcrowd blog or our twitter for the official announcement (Coming Soon!)

Wait, what IS LevelUp?

LevelUp is a virtual event series featuring high-quality, technical presentations by members of the hacker and infosec community. It is a free online, virtual infosec conference and video series, featuring leaders in security sharing new/novel testing techniques, best practices, strategies, and research to help their fellow hunters and researchers develop new skills!

What you can expect from our LevelUp event series

  • Amazing talks covering a variety of infosec topics
  • Good Jokes
  • A community of researchers looking to network
  • CTF Challenges
  • Bad Jokes

Nice! What can I talk about?

We’re looking for a range of content; from deep-diving technical talks to presentations on professional and personal development. Presentation length should range from 20 to 50 minutes. Head over to our submission form if you have something you’d like to present to the Crowd!  

Here is a general list of themes we’ve showcased at previous LevelUp events. 

  • New and noteworthy attacks to take bug hunting to the next level (what should people be looking for, that they’re not looking for now)
  • API & Mobile (how-to; tooling; getting started; getting better)
  • Recon techniques (how to find more, better, faster)
  • Hardware Hacking  (how-to; tooling; getting started; getting better)
  • Testing methodologies (ways to make testing more efficient/effective)
  • Soft career developing skills: professionalism, mental health, and techniques for how to build your career through bug bounties

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Good luck, happy hunting, and looking forward to reading all the incredible submissions! If you have any questions about this LevelUp CFP, please reach out to support@bugcrowd.com and we will be happy to help!