When it comes to pen testing, organizations require access to the skills they need when they need them. Large consultancy groups often leverage a “one-size-fits-all” approach to pen testing. Although the resumes these groups highlight may seem impressive, it’s rare that these are the people assigned to your project. Organizations often don’t get someone who is the right fit for the project, leading to less than ideal results. You may be getting enough to hand to an auditor, but are you actually secure?

In the new 2021 Ultimate Guide to Penetration Testing, we attempt to understand why 56% of security leaders are dissatisfied with their current penetration tests. This report covers:

  • The challenges, opportunities, and outcomes for a variety of penetration testing deployment models
  • Why compliance is no longer the #1 driver for penetration testing, and what that means for the future of the industry
  • How crowdsourced security platforms like Bugcrowd reduce time to launch and action results, while delivering more high-value findings per test.

You can download the report here. In the meantime, this infographic provides a sneak peak to the report. It highlights 10 major challenges with traditional penetration testing and how Bugcrowd does it differently.