For the last two quarters, we’ve challenged our crowd to report vulnerabilities against the toughest targets our programs have to offer–thick client applications. Bounties that fall into this category include Avira (client software), AVG Technologies (client-side application), OWASP ZAP (desktop application) and several private programs.

Today it is our pleasure to congratulate our final two winners for this incentive program.

Congratulations to Abr1k0s for winning the final Q1 incentive and receiving a cash prize of $1000! The winning submission for the month of March for a prize of $500 goes to a researcher who will remain anonymous. 

We are thrilled with the continuous growth of our crowd, who love to challenge themselves with the toughest targets; we had over 20 unique researchers successfully report vulnerabilities, resulting in a 100% increase in valid submissions reported, across more than a dozen programs and targets.

Congratulations once again to all 4 winners this quarter: taDXtLD (January winner), ainulmaker (February winner), our anonymous researcher (March winner) and Abr1k0s (final drawing winner) for their wins this quarter. It has been thrilling to see the growth of our crowd as we’ve run these promotions, and we look forward to running more. Check back later this year to see our next researcher promotion.