There was a glitch in the Matrix!

When we announced the Q1 MVPs back at the end of May, our method for evaluating the data had some formulaic issues. We thank you for your patience while we went under the hood to figure out where we had gone wrong. 

Without further ado, here are the newly appointed Q1 MVPs!

0ang3el abdilahrf
ahmedehane allyomalley
AnkitSingh Anon_Hunter
aparecekarl 12 Private users
bitquark cyber_humans
fogez hackersden
Harie_cool harshbothra
Hx01 I4ENI
keomutchoiboi khaledibnalwalid
Kiranbattaluri mert
mooimacow Mr_Rob0t
nareshlamgade osamaavvan
ranjan786 sam_exploit
slechjke soaj1664ashar
th3g3nt3lman todayisnew
udit_thakkur YokoKho
rmbrown nareshlamgade

We will be reaching out to all MVP Q1 winners with our updated swag redemption process within the next few days. We thank you for all the hard work and many hours you all have been putting into making the world more secure!


What is the MVP program?

Our MVP program recognizes hackers that consistently bring their A-game across Bugcrowd bounty programs. We recognize that reaching MVP status is no small feat, especially since at the beginning of this year we updated the program to take advantage of the new priority percentiles feature and raised the bar to reflect the excellent work of our researchers. 

Program Qualifications

After reviewing Q1, we are making a small change to the MVP qualifications to ensure we are highlighting and recognizing our best in class hackers. Here are the updated MVP program qualifications and they apply retroactively for Q1 2020:

  • Maintain a minimum average accuracy rate of 80% for the qualifying period
  • Achieve a priority percentile range for either P1s or P2s above 80% 
  • Submit at least four qualifying, non-duplicate submissions
  • Have no significant enforcement infractions for six months prior to the end of the qualifying quarter.

The change we made to the MVP qualifications is the following:

  • Update: Achieve a priority percentile range for either P1s or P2s above 80%
  • Original: Achieve a priority percentile range for P1s, P2s, and P3s above 80%

Previously announced winners for Q1 MVP

akmall alxhh
arcaneanomie blum
chitran chmiels
D_J d0xing
danieloizo danritter
delta0ne Dipen
dr0v3r erikdejong
eur0pa grouptherapy
HackerX007 harrymg
HPx JackDs
jstnkndy ks27secure
nukedx poison
priyanshu58 proAbiral
rceman restricted
Rhynorater rhyselsmore
Shahzad_Sadiq slope
visat webhak
melardev 14 Private users


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