This blog is authored by customer, Teza Mukkavilli, head of information security at Upwork, and first appeared on the Upwork Blog

Upwork places an extremely high priority on data security. As Upwork’s head of information security, I am constantly thinking about how to keep our site as secure as possible so that our freelancers and clients can focus on what’s most important—getting more work done.

One of the most critical pieces of our vulnerability management and application security program is bug bounty. I’m proud to share that, building on the success of our private program with Bugcrowd, Upwork has launched a public bug bounty program on the Crowdcontrol™ platform.

Working with Bugcrowd allows us to tap into a global community of security researchers who use multidimensional techniques to help identify vulnerabilities at a faster rate and enhance the overall security of our products.

We are committed to building the trust of our customers and are proud to have a partner like Bugcrowd who is also committed to ensuring our marketplace is safe for you.

For more information about our partnership with Bugcrowd and details on the public bug bounty program, read more about it here >>