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Waitlisted Applications: How do they work?

Waitlisted Applications: How Do They Work?

We are ecstatic to see all the engagement our newest feature, Waitlisted, has generated. In the first month, we saw over 2,000 applications and have around 30 Waitlisted programs available right now! We look forward to getting more Waitlisted programs available and providing you more opportunities to hunt.

We know you are waiting for more (and we have more coming!)

As we expand, we are working hard on implementing changes that will improve your experience with Waitlisted programs. In the meantime, we wanted to provide a couple of pointers to keep in mind for when you submit applications.

Applications are reviewed on a regular basis and we want to add you to the program as soon as possible. Programs often have limited spots and we will be working to rotate spots to keep things fresh for everyone. Do expect wait times to vary depending on the needs and scale of the program. 

We are iterating on the application process and you can expect some upgraded functionality coming down the pipeline in the near future! However, we’ve had some requests for advice on how to submit a successful application. Here are some tips and guidelines for submitting your applications:

  • Tailor your details to the information for each program 
  • Keep your application pointed to the specific program targets and program industry 
  • Add a couple key topics to your application that is relevant to the program target types and industry: 
    • Bugcrowd submissions
    • Articles you wrote or are featured in 
    • Profile details on other platforms  
    • Experience in the related industry 
    • Previous employer information
    • Recommendations from other researchers 
    • Enthusiasm and availability 
    • CVEs and Github validated information

We look forward to seeing your applications and please, continue to check in to see the latest opportunities – Waitlisted Programs. We look forward to seeing your applications and participation as we strive to innovate the Crowdsourced security industry! If you need help with the application process, please reach out to our

We know in this period of uncertainty, having more options is key to peace of mind, and as we march forward together, remember a bit of patience will go a long way as we all wait for the next opportunity and we thank you again for helping make the digital world a safer place.

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