Waitlisted programs are Bugcrowd’s answer to ‘How do I get access to more private programs?’ Through this platform feature, Researchers are able to sneak-a-peek behind the private program curtain and, through an application process, let us know they have both the interest and skills to be successful. Our Waitlisted feature is also a great way for newer Researchers to quickly gain access to private programs. Even if you’ve never hunted with us, there are opportunities to be found.

How to Apply:

Our Programs page shows our current Waitlisted offerings and includes information on the reward ranges, scope and target types for that specific engagement. Some programs have specific requirements such as Accuracy score in the last 90 days, or previous submissions, before you are eligible to submit an application. 

If you meet the program’s requirements, you will find a section for you to supply information about your experiences and interests. We suggest that you add a couple key topics to your application that are relevant to the program’s target types and industry. 

Are you wanting to apply to multiple programs but don’t want to enter your experience details for each one? We have an easier way for you to submit! Head over to the Resume section in your Researcher profile and tell us all about your skills and accomplishments you’ve made in Information Security and beyond. You can include a Summary, your Work Experience, Education, Security Testing, and any Certifications you’ve earned to give us a better idea of your security background. Once your Resume section is complete, you can then more easily apply to programs!

Go check out the Resume section and fill in those details! Researcher Profile: Resume

Application Review:

Once you have submitted your application, it is sent over to our operations team for review. When applicants are accepted they will either be granted immediate access to the program or enter an Enqueued state until the program starts, is able to accept more researchers, or has credentials provisioned

The review process timeline differs between programs. While we review applications each week, there isn’t a definite timeline for program access. Programs often have limited spots and we rotate spots frequently to keep things fresh for everyone.

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For more information on our Waitlisted feature check out the following:

Researcher Documentation: Waitlisted Programs

Researcher Documentation: Waitlisted Application Guide


If you need help with the application process, please reach out to our support@bugcrowd.com.


Blog Updated on 9/25/2020