Bugcrowd has been around for over a decade, but we’ve seen immense growth and change in the past couple of years. Between closing a $100 million dollar round of funding and recently releasing a brand new suite of AI solutions, Bugcrowd is demonstrating a commitment to continued innovation, enabling increased value for our customers. 

A key ingredient to this is our continued commitment to upholding our reputation as an excellent place to work. Our dedication to our people and accelerating equality for all has never been more relevant than it is today. 

The Bugcrowd community represents some of the world’s top cybersecurity talent. We work hard to create an environment that unleashes innovation and ingenuity, allowing our people to perform at their very best. 

A word from Jenn Hood, VP of People

These efforts can be found across the entire organization, but especially in the Bugcrowd People Team. We sat down with Jenn Hood, VP of People, to get her perspective on what it’s like to work at Bugcrowd.

“At Bugcrowd, we value not only our dedication to work, but also the joy we derive from our vibrant global community. Our organization is infused with a passionate hacker culture that brings a healthy dose of irreverence and banter, which we wholeheartedly embrace and celebrate. We understand the importance of fostering an environment where fun and camaraderie are valued alongside hard work and dedication. 

We prioritize transparency and open communication, so much so that we have live town hall events where Bugcrowders can ask questions of the Executive team. None of the organizations I’ve worked at previously have had such an open forum for communication and I love that we challenge our leaders to be able to speak to our respective areas in such a manner. We believe that fostering a culture of trust and accountability starts with clear and honest dialogue. By keeping the lines of communication open and providing transparency into our processes and decisions, we empower our employees to feel informed and engaged in our shared mission.

Our People Team is dedicated to creating meaningful career opportunities for our employees. We understand that to retain highly skilled and driven individuals, they need to know that we are invested in their growth and progression. Presently, our team is actively working on rolling out training programs for all people leaders to ensure they possess the skills necessary to lead and develop their team members through coaching and thoughtful feedback. Additionally, we are developing clear career paths and outlining the necessary skills required to progress through the organization, providing transparency on the skills needed for advancement.

We remain steadfast in our commitment to nurturing a workplace where every individual can thrive, innovate, and make a meaningful impact. At Bugcrowd, respect, passion, and inclusivity are more than just ideals—they are the cornerstones of our culture.”

Insights into working at Bugcrowd

We asked the team to tell us a little bit about these efforts and share their perspective about what it is like to work at Bugcrowd.

Shaleena Reyersbach, Senior Talent Acquisition Partner

“Bugcrowd is my first truly global company, and it’s amazing just how much that adds to the company culture. I love seeing all different types of holidays celebrated around the world, but also seeing what brings everyone together—dogs and cats, funny jokes, and of course staying ahead of the competition!

Another thing I love about Bugcrowd is watching folks I’ve helped hire grow and develop their careers here. There is nothing cooler than hiring someone in a part-time role and then working with them later as a full-time hiring manager.”

Brie Mayo, Associate Talent Acquisition Partner

“Working in cybersecurity can be stressful, but here at Bugcrowd, I have amazing coworkers that I can talk to if work gets too stressful. It’s a very collaborative culture—we all help each other. Plus our meme game is 10/10!”

Nichole Sherburne, Director of Total Rewards

“Even though I’m brand new to the team, I can already tell that everyday is a new adventure and new project!”

Vangie Field, HR Business Partner

“I love interacting with people around the globe. I can start my day meeting with people in India, connect with someone in the UK in the afternoon, and close out my evening chatting with someone in Australia. I really enjoy getting to know such a diverse group of people and hearing them share their vision of success at Bugcrowd.”

Zachary Goddard, Office Manager

“From the get go, everyone at Bugcrowd has been very nice, helpful, and encouraging. This is not an intimidating company culture at all  that makes you feel like you can’t do it or do not belong. The Bugcrowd culture is awesome and the people are great. These things make work much more enjoyable, and something to look forward to instead of to stress about. I also enjoy how friendly and communicative everyone is. Bugcrowd has done a great job welcoming me to the team, and I have enjoyed everything Bugcrowd has to offer so far!”

Greg Durken, Senior Talent Acquisition Partner

“What really attracted me to Bugcrowd was our leadership’s demonstrated successes, the fact that our product is the top in the industry, the low employee turnover, and that we’re growing so much. 

No day is the same here. I love working with bright and talented individuals and making a difference hiring impactful people for our teams.” 

Stef Watkins, HR Business Partner Manager

“One crucial insight I’ve gained over my career is the importance of ensuring every candidate and employee encounters an experience that resonates long after. The way we treat others sticks with them, regardless of their position or role within the organization; hence, it’s imperative that everyone is afforded an equitable experience.

Bugcrowd has pleasantly surprised me with the cohesion among team members in working towards our company objectives! I’m truly fond of our culture and the nurturing of relationships within the organization.”

Mikayla Caruso, HR Generalist

“I have found Bugcrowd to be a special place to work because there are real pathways for professional development. In addition to supportive team members, the company culture promotes an openness to expanding beyond the status quo. 

People at Bugcrowd have and foster a future-focused drive that goes beyond the next month or quarter. There is a true desire to excel, and a system to back it up with concrete opportunities.”

If these values resonate with you, perhaps it’s time to look at joining the Bugcrowd team! Check out our careers page and learn more about the current job openings.