Gender inequality in the tech and infosec community is not new. Women make up 20-24% of all roles in cybersecurity and face continued discrimination in many forms that inhibit their professional careers.

Microaggressions may seem insignificant to some, but they create feelings of intimidation and doubt that escalate over time. This in turn creates a larger barrier to entry into tech-based roles and the InfoSec community at large. Language deeply matters. Discriminatory or bullying language reinforces gender inequality.

Sexism and discrimination are rooted in a pattern of power, privilege and prejudice. Sexism reinforces male privilege and leads to discrimination, controlling behaviors, silencing, and the devaluing of women and people who express their gender outside of traditional gender identifications.

Bugcrowd is inclusive, believes in, and is supportive of women.


How is Bugcrowd working towards making Information Security a more gender-inclusive space? 

  • Education
  • Networking 
  • Mentoring
  • Directly Supporting WOSEC Orgs 
  • Diversity-focused hiring practices

Confronting sexism is challenging, but speaking out against bias is a powerful and necessary way to drive long term change. 

At Bugcrowd, we encourage everyone in the community to join us in being inclusive, supportive, and speaking out against sexism and prejudice of any kind. If anyone sees bias on display in our community that goes unaddressed, please alert us immediately. Together we win as a community.


Human Rights Coalition: Resources on Cyber Bullying
National Center for Women & Information Technology: Resources on Bias
Council of Europe: Stop Sexism 

Women in Security Organizations:

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