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Learn about how netgear boosts their product security by launching a public bug bounty program with Bugcrowd.


Managed Bug Bounty


Computer Networking

In early 2017 NETGEAR®, Inc. launched a public bug bounty program with Bugcrowd to help them stay in front of the latest threats and improve the security of the company’s products.

NETGEAR has always led the way when it comes to keeping consumers safely connected to the Internet and to each other. With Bugcrowd’s curated crowd of security researchers in their corner, NETGEAR is cementing this position and demonstrating their commitment to keeping these connections secure.

As the innovative leader in connecting the world to the internet, NETGEAR must earn and maintain the trust of their users by protecting the privacy and security of their data. Being proactive when it comes to security is fundamental to NETGEAR’s approach. By adding a managed bug bounty program through Bugcrowd, we are adding one more layer to our security program.

Tejas Shah, NETGEAR VP of Information Technology

The scope of NETGEAR’s bug bounty program includes NETGEAR’s devices, mobile applications, and exposed APIs with potential rewards ranging from Bugcrowd points to $150 – $15,000 per bug identified.

Learn more about NETGEAR’s bug bounty program.

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