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Application Security Testing

Application security testing is the process of scouting for weak points in applications so that they may be repaired and secured.

Application security testing is the process of scouting for vulnerabilities within applications. Due to the explosive use of APIs as a key driver in the rise of DevOps, digital transformation, and the creation of new mobile and web applications, the potential for sensitive data and even an application’s source code becoming compromised has heavily increased. New applications are often in a near constant state of development, making them much harder to secure, so application security testing tools are needed in order to keep development going steadily and safely. 

Web apps, mobile apps, and APIs are especially vulnerable targets when it comes to security breaches, so application security testing is more than necessary to keep important data safe from outside elements. Only with frequent checks and built-up protections can sensitive data remain protected in this rapidly moving landscape of technological improvement. There is no binary here where an application either has protection or does not; application security testing tools are a necessity to keep them safe.


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