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Attack Surface Analysis

Attack surface analysis is an important cybersecurity strategy that organizations use to eliminate or mitigate vulnerabilities and weak points in their IT environment.

Attack surface analysis is a cybersecurity strategy that endeavors to eliminate or mitigate vulnerabilities and weak points in an organization’s IT environment through monitoring, scanning and penetration testing digital assets. The attack surface is defined as “the set of points on the boundary of a system, a system element, or an environment where an attacker can try to enter, cause an effect on, or extract data from, that system, system element, or environment.” Attack Surface Management, also known as Cyber Attack Surface Management, is the process of defining, prioritizing, and acting on the attack surface, faster than your attackers. Attack surface analysis and management isn’t just about monitoring known asset inventory, nor about finding shadow and legacy IT, though those are both important and benefit from being well understood by organizations. Attack surface analysis covers aspects of both, but most importantly, it’s deployed within the context of real risk. 


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