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Frontline Vulnerability Manager (Frontline VM)

Frontline Vulnerability Manager (Frontline VM) is a full-featured and easy-to-use SaaS vulnerability management solution brought to market by Digital Defense, Inc.

Frontline Vulnerability Manager (Frontline VM) is a full-featured and easy-to-use SaaS vulnerability management solution brought to market by Digital Defense, Inc. Frontline Vulnerability Manager provides comprehensive security assessments which are then prioritized and tracked for remediation. This enables both enterprise and government to optimize time spent on remediation and management. Frontline Vulnerability Manager provides a rich depth and breadth of tools and capabilities packaged in an easy-to-use vulnerability management and threat assessment solution. The SaaS platform is compelling—this makes set up fast and relatively easy.

Frontline VM evaluates and enumerates the security and risk postures of your networks and assets. Frontline VM works with assets which are on-premise, in the cloud, or within mixed hybrid environments. Digital Defense, Inc’s core proprietary technology brings a comprehensive set of features and capabilities that makes it easier and faster for your team to use the platform. Frontline VM addresses common scanner problems such as inaccurate results (false positives), challenges with complex deployments and associated maintenance. 

Here are some of the features and critical capabilities of Frontline VM:

Vulnerability Scanning. A vulnerability scanner is a program which assesses computers, networks, or applications for weaknesses. Vulnerability scanning identifies both internal and external vulnerabilities that can be exploited by threat actors. 

Compliance Auditing. Compliance auditing enables you to know exactly where your network and IT asset infrastructure may fail to meet mandatory compliance criteria. This can help reduce risk and help avoid or minimize more expensive certifications audits.

Smart Labeling. Smart labeling automatically labels assets in a way that you can easily filter against these names. You can also create group names for these assets.

Trending. Trending enables you to identify the state of existing vulnerabilities and newly discovered vulnerabilities over time. You can see how quickly vulnerabilities get remediated and more. 

Network Endpoint Correlation. Frontline VM network endpoint correlation tracks the movements and changes in IP versus the asset so that data about vulnerabilities is as accurate as it can be.

Flexible and Customizable Reporting. Frontline VM allows for the creation of highly customized reporting.

Role-Based Access Control & Data Segmentation. Frontline Vulnerability Manager users can be limited by role to the minimum data sets they require to do their job. 

Security GPA risk-based rating metric. Frontline VM Security GPA assigns a number and a letter grade that represents the overall health of your network and assets. Prioritization of these problems is important. Frontline VM evaluates this to identify the vulnerabilities that bring the greatest potential risk to your enterprise. Much of this is easily identified through the simple charts and reports provided by Frontline VM.

Threat Landscape. Frontline VM Threat Landscape enables your organization to use threat intelligence to better understand vulnerabilities and relative risk. Frontline VM uses data and intelligence gathered from various intelligence sources and then uses machine learning to determine the possibility of exploitation within your network. 

Peer Analysis and Comparison. Frontline VM Insight security analytics for industry vertical specific comparison. Frontline VM reporting allows comparison with security assessment scores in similar or peer organizations. This is based upon industry and organization size and includes how many days it takes your organization, versus your peers, to remediate an identified vulnerability.

Network Map. Frontline VP’s Network Mapping allows for visualization of the scanned network’s security posture. It provides a view that shows interconnections between assets. This allows activities to be applied against individual assets, or groups of assets.

Integration and Automation. Frontline VM enables the ability to integrate vulnerabilities into leading security workflow management platforms and SIEMs. This includes data about their discovery, subsequent analysis, relative scoring, and ultimately how these vulnerabilities were prioritized. Frontline VM provides easy to understand dashboards, ratings, and important real-time reporting .

Frontline VM benefits are numerous and can be summarized as follows:

Accuracy. Proprietary technology reduces or completely eliminates false positives. Scanning technology includes the automatic detection of applications and web applications.

Scalability. The Frontline VM SaaS platform allows scanning of the entire network, provides a very minimal footprint, and can address requirements on-premise or in the cloud, or in remote endpoints. A RESTful API allows for straightforward technology integrations. 

Visibility. Frontline VM includes on demand reporting for to meet a wide range of needs. This includes trending data and penetration testing reports. Report format exports can include PDF, HTML, CSV, and XML formats.

Support. Frontline VM can be supported by customer engineers on a 24 × 7 basis. 

So what makes Frontline VM different from competitors?

Frontline VM is a high-end vulnerability management solution that can help protect any organization from regulatory compliance violations and vulnerabilities that can open the way for threat actor entry. Digital Defense, Inc. is solely focused on the vulnerability scanning market, and is working all the time on creating new innovations for product improvement.


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