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Secure SDLC

Secure SDLC is a software development life cycle that has been properly secured against outside threats via important security practices.

Secure SDLC is a software development life cycle that has been protected against attackers and outside threats through the integration of security testing through the process. The standard SDLC, referring to the framework used to build an application, involves the entire process of planning, design, testing, and coding an application all the way up to and after release. Maintenance and patches also count as a part of this life cycle, though a late part at which attempting to implement security testing would be too little, too late. Leaving security testing for late in the process leaves an application vulnerable for far too long; software issues, vulnerabilities, and other flaws need to be caught early in the design process in order to have a secure SDLC. Costs of repair during testing are far higher than in design, so working to make sure a secure SDLC is a key part of creating an application.

A secure SDLC is one that has integrated security testing throughout its development cycle. Performing risk analysis and adding security requirements alongside functional requirements are a key part of securing SDLC in the modern age. No longer can security concerns be left for the testing process; security needs to be a key part of the design process all the way through the SDLC, from start to finish. Only by finding vulnerabilities early can costs be kept down; prevention is always worth more than cure, after all.


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