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Partner Deal Registration

Bugcrowd offers deal registration to its partners. All deals are based on specific opportunities and must be approved by the Bugcrowd Partner Team. Please fill out the details in the form below for approval.

The following rules of engagement apply to opportunity registration:

  • Registration and the registered account and opportunity are confidential information
  • Only opportunities may be registered, not accounts
  • Registration is valid for 90 days (one extension for an additional 90 days may be approved)
  • An initial appointment with the Bugcrowd team and registered account must occur within 30 days of approved registration
  • Partner agrees to apply its sales and technical resources to the registered opportunity
  • Partner agrees that it will not offer or propose competing offerings to Bugcrowd solutions
  • Only one partner will be authorized for registration on an opportunity
  • If accepted, an approval notification will be sent to partner contact information provided on the form
  • Partners may only register opportunities pursuant to a fully executed partner or reseller agreement between the partner and Bugcrowd.
  • All decisions made by Bugcrowd in relation to the opportunity are final.
  • Opportunities do not qualify to be registered in situations where another Partner already registered the opportunity and/or in situations where Bugcrowd already knew about the opportunity.