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The Industry’s Most Intelligent Crowdsourced Security Platform

Better. Smarter. Faster.

We’ve aggregated the expertise of hundreds of thousands of highly specialized cybersecurity researchers and infused it into our intelligent platform. Bugcrowd connects the right researchers to the right use cases, with contextual insights, workflows and APIs, to help customers find, prioritize and fix security vulnerabilities at unprecedented scale and speed, without compromise.

A Security Platform That Grows With You

Between do-it-yourself style tools and black box consultancies, Bugcrowd stands alone as the only true SaaS platform powered crowdsourced security solution. What does that mean for you? Consistently better results delivered by a team of experts, and a program that grows with your evolving security needs.

The Bugcrowd Difference

Crowdsourced testing is rapidly approaching mainstream adoption, creating opportunity for more platform providers than ever before, each with their own unique approaches to a larger problem. It’s important to select a vendor that compliments and enhances your existing operations, provides transparency in crowd selection and management, promotes measurable return on investment and, most importantly, keeps your assets secure.

Better results, 1.5x faster, with many critical vulns discovered in fewer than 24hrs

Surfacing critical vulnerabilities is what we do. For the best results in the shortest timeframe, you need the right testers with the right skills for your program. Our CrowdMatchTM skill tagging and analytics technology finds the right resources for better results, faster. Customers who switched agree size doesn’t matter- the results speak for themselves.

82% say Bugcrowd’s managed triage & validation services are far superior

Finding critical bugs is only half the battle. Bugcrowd is fully equipped to help you go from ‘oh sh*t’ to fixed with the industry’s highest rated vulnerability management team. Together with the first crowdsourced security platform to standardize & automate the intricate workflows required for success at scale, we deliver high-impact, low-touch experiences for customers.

Customers cite improvements to internal efficiencies as their #1 benefit after switching to Bugcrowd

New security investments require demonstrable ROI, but proving value can be difficult. Bugcrowd enables a 360˚ view of your security ecosystem with dynamic program health dashboards and industry benchmarking. Chart your successes, and set a course for growth.

*Results based on a TechValidate survey of customers who switched to Bugcrowd from Hackerone, Synack, Cobalt, and legacy testing solutions

With enhanced crowd analytics, automated security workflows, richer program insights, and industry-first remediation advice and training integrations, we’ve pushed beyond ‘find and fix’ to help customers actually close gaps, mature their programs, and compound ROI year after year.

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