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Bugcrowd Pen Test

Compliance at the speed
of business


Crowd-Enabled Pen Testing

Bugcrowd’s Pen Test portfolio delivers rapid provisioning, and high quality, immediately actionable insights for compliance-based pentesting.

Right Resource,
Right Now

Elastic community of vetted pen testers intelligently matched and expertly managed

Vuln View

Real-time vuln view and platform-assisted actions helps you process findings fast.

Meet Compliance

Supports methodologies for PCI-DSS, HIPAA, SOC 2, ISO27001, and more, as assessed by an independent QSA.

Ultimate Guide to Penetration Testing

Crowdsourced security offers a new solution for retaining, matching, and deploying pen test talent to fill the gaps created by an increasingly resource-constrained market. With immediate access to the right talent, and workflow integrations that…

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A Better Pen Test for Today’s Needs

Traditional Pen
Bugcrowd Classic
Pen Test
Bugcrowd Next Gen
Pen Test
Methodology-Driven Testing
Support compliance initiatives
Real-Time Vuln View
Receive vulns upon discovery, or after Bugcrowd validation and prioritization
Setup in < 72 Hours on Average
Largest pool of pay-per-engagement pentesters enables rapid resourcing
CrowdMatch Skills Selection
Pentesters are quickly matched by skill, trust, experience, performance, and more
SDLC Integrations
SDLC integrations like JIRA and GitHub plus an open API to fit your security lifecycle
Continuous Testing
Continuous coverage for rapid development cycles and greatest risk reduction
Incentivized Results
Incentivized vulnerability discovery for more, high-value findings from top pentesters
Coverage Analysis and Retesting Included
Coverage Analysis, retesting, and premium SLAs included at no extra cost
Platform Tile

Rapid Deployment With Real-Time Results

Bugcrowd Classic Pen Test provides rapid-access to on-demand testing on a set, per-project rate. Classic Pen Test offers additional flexibility through add-ons like expedited testing, executive reporting, and retesting.

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On-Demand or Continuous Incentivized Testing

Bugcrowd’s Next Gen Pen Test (NGPT) pairs highly vetted and deeply experienced pentesters with organizations that want to incentivize discovery of vulnerabilities to greatly reduce risk, increase go-to-market velocity, and exceed methodology-driven compliance initiatives.

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Next Gen Pen Test and Classic Pen Test Are Both Delivered Through the Bugcrowd Platform for Maximum Speed and Transparency.

Features of Both Include:

Website Tile - Continuous Coverage

Rapid Setup and Deploy

Programs launch in 72 hours on average

CrowdMatch™ supports on-demand access to the right set of skills for every engagement. Our crowdsourced paid-per-project model means our pool of talent is limitless.

Website Tile - Coverage Analysis

Streaming Vuln View

View vulnerabilities upon submission and access program health reports 24/7

Pen Test programs are fully-managed for rapid vulnerability triage, validation, and prioritization. Track vulnerabilities every step of the way, and report on things like severity and remediation speed.

SDLC Integration & Flexible API

Connect Pen Test into your existing Software Development Lifecycle.

Jira, ServiceNow, GitHub, and other integrations stream vulnerabilities to the tools your Dev team uses most, as they are discovered, to help you fix faster.

We help leading organizations find more and do more

Featured Tile - Movember

ActiveCampaign’s Pen Test program surfaced 50+ vulnerabilities while helping to meet compliance requirements for SOC 2, ISO 27001, PCI, and GDPR

“I could have called anyone to get a clean bill of health, but that’s not our business. We called Bugcrowd because we wanted the most in-depth vetting of our security posture. It’s beyond compliance — it’s about true risk reduction.”

Chaim Mazal, Head of Global Information Security at ActiveCampaign

Better Results Powered by Crowdcontrol

Top Talent On-Demand

Traditional methods for deploying pentests are constrained by utilization targets, talent caps, and back-to-back scheduling. Bugcrowd Pen Test provides unlimited access to immediately available talent through a unique pay-per-engagement model. The Bugcrowd Platform continually tracks skills, experience, and performance of every vetted pentester, so our CrowdMatch technology can connect and activate resources quickly.

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Platform Tile

Workflow Automation and Integration

Bugcrowd platform helps connect and enable the right pentesters, provides rapid results aggregation for faster compliance reporting, and offers several integrations to top SDLC tooling like GitHub and ServiceNow to help find and fix faster. Additionally, the customer console enables complete program transparency, one-click retesting requests, pentester communication, and always-on program health reports.

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Expertise - Tile

Dedicated Management and Triage Teams

Bugcrowd’s experienced Application Security Engineers triage, validate, and prioritize all incoming vulnerabilities. Risk-ranking is based on our open-source Vulnerability Rating Taxonomy (maps to CVSS), and is assigned remediation advice to help Dev fix faster, and build better. Dedicated Account Managers ensure every program is optimized for success from kickoff to close, or continually.

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Bugcrowd provides end-to-end support for every Pen Test program. From pentester selection, to vulnerability triage, retesting, and reporting, we’ve got your back.

Identify the
Right Team

CrowdMatch helps locate the right pentesters for your program, without lengthy scheduling delays.

Choose Your Methodology

Pentesters test according to your requirements along with OWASP Top 10 and industry best practice.


Triage and Validate

View and action vulnerabilities in-platform as early as discovery, or post Bugcrowd validation and prioritization; push through SDLC.


Verify and Remediate

Bugcrowd offers remediation advice and one-click re-testing to fix faster and ensure what’s fixed sticks, before your final report.


Build your Solution

Tell us what you’re looking for in your Pen Test Program


Classic Pen Test

Methodology-driven pen test with platform visibility, managed triage, and compliance reporting delivered in stackable units of work with optional add-ons on expedience and executive summaries.


Next Gen Pen Test

Continuous or project-based pen test with one-click retesting, and options for coverage analysis and executive reporting. Delivered through a rewards-based model to incentivize discovery of more high-value vulnerabilities.



Best fit for customers with high-value targets, rapid or agile development lifecycles, or those who perform multiple pen tests a year.


Project-based programs offer a time-bound assessment, similar to a traditional pen test.



1x Pen Test report per year by trust-enabled pen testers.


2x Pen Test reports per year by elite pen testers. Coverage Analysis and Executive Reporting included.


4x Pen Test reports per year by Elite Plus pen testers. All benefits of Professionals plus premium support and custom integrations.

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Pen Test Sample Report

Bugcrowd's Pen Test report has been evaluated by an independent QSA to ensure alignment with NIST 800-53 rev4 CA-8, ISO 27001 A.12.6.1, and PCI-DSS reporting requirements. Check out a sample report.

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