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Pen Test as a Service

Modern Pen Testing
for the Digital Business

Stay Ahead of Your Adversaries

Opportunistic threat actors love conventional pen testing—its long ramp ups, inflexibility, verification delays and remediation hurdles that leave vulnerabilities exposed. In contrast, bad actors can’t stand Pen Testing as a Service from Bugcrowd. That’s because it accelerates testing and helps organizations remediate vulnerabilities faster—before threat actors can exploit them.



Mix and match testing models to suit your unique requirements



Access elite crowd talent and resources matched to your needs



Launch your pen test in days, not weeks



Get accurate results verified and prioritized by our in-house triage team



Flow findings directly into your ITSM, DevOps and SDLC tools

Pen Testing as a Service at Your Service

Bugcrowd Pen Testing as a Service (PTaaS) is the modern approach to security testing services. It streamlines pen testing for an increasingly complex, always on and ever evolving threat landscape. With Bugcrowd, you can:

Improve your overall security posture

Always know which issues to address first and why

Enhance risk reduction with incentivized testing

Rapidly accommodate demands across different test types and approaches

Meet compliance objectives, and go beyond them when needed

Keep your development pipeline active and software secure

The Bugcrowd Difference

An industry first, Bugcrowd pen testing combines unique global crowd expertise and traditional and emerging pen test approaches, powered by a SaaS-based platform that ensures precisely the right testers with the right skills are auto-matched and expertly managed for your project (CrowdMatchTM).

When it comes to pen testing, timing is everything. The wait for testing resources ends now. With Bugcrowd, you gain access to a worldwide community of trusted pen testing experts.

Continuous Coverage

We work with hundreds of thousands of experienced security practitioners so you get rapid activation and 24/7 coverage

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Methodology-Driven Testing

Selected testers follow Bugcrowd methodology (unless otherwise specified), which blends industry best practices and methodologies like OWASP, NIST, PTES, and OSSTMM.

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Incentivized Results

Security researchers apply their own tactics for expanded coverage and risk reduction, backed by Bugcrowd-managed incentives where appropriate

Your security needs are unique and ever changing. Rigid approaches to penetration testing lock you in. With Bugcrowd, you get the method that best suits your particular goals.

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Continuous Pen Testing

Combines methodology-driven pen testing with a bug bounty (finds up to 10x more vulnerabilities than traditional methods)—ideal for achieving ongoing security coverage


Time-Bound Pen Testing

Leverage the crowd using methodology-driven pen testing—ideal for meeting regulatory and compliance requirements

Our SaaS-powered platform’s advanced analytics and automated security workflows enhance human creativity to help you identify and remediate more high priority vulnerabilities at business speed.


More Signal

Cut the noise and boost the signal with 1.5x more critical findings and fewer false positives than traditional pen testing


Actionable Results

Get high-impact, actionable and prioritized findings streamed continuously


Single Pane of Glass

A single location where you can monitor, in real-time, pen testing activity and outcomes, and other Bugcrowd program activity.

Optimized for Today’s Most Demanding Cybersecurity Requirements

Bugcrowd pen tests cover the full range of digital assets in your IT stack. Explore our solutions. 

Meet Compliance Requirements

Bugcrowd is certified compliant with both ISO 270001 and SOC 2, upholding the most rigorous standards of security for customers and researchers. We support methodologies for PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOC 2, ISO27001, and more, as assessed by an independent party.

Certified Consultant-Led Penetration Testing


Our Crowd Has Industry Leading Certifications

Researchers have a variety of industry leading and pen testing specific certifications, such as ..


SDLC Integration & Flexible API

Connect Pen Test into your existing Software Development Lifecycle.

Jira, ServiceNow, GitHub, and other integrations stream vulnerabilities to the tools your developers use most, as they are discovered, to help you fix faster.

We help leading organizations find more and do more

“Bugcrowd’s pen testing package gives me, my team, and our clients complete peace of mind that BeeBole is up and running securely. We work with companies from all over the world, and nothing is more important to us than ensuring our clients’ security and that their data is protected. Bugcrowd has been nothing but fast, efficient, and meticulous.”

Yves Hiernaux, CEO & Co-Founder of Beebole

Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions, we have answers.

Bugcrowd’s PTaaS can help you achieve a range of goals and objectives for your security tests. For example, plug Bugcrowd into your software development and assurance activities, use Bugcrowd for one-off tests to achieve compliance with mandates, such as SOC 2 and PCI-DSS, or set up an ongoing testing regimen to monitor for evolving exposures and help reduce your organization’s attack surfaces.

Integrate pen testing directly into your SDLC: the Bugcrowd Platform connects security testing into your developer workflows through APIs, webhooks, and pre-built integrations with Jira, GitHub, ServiceNow, and more. Further, the crowdsourced model enables you to avoid lengthy scheduling delays. With Bugcrowd you can count on a team of elite pen testers selected and activated for your precise needs, to begin testing in as little as 72 hours, and get immediate insights into potential application vulnerabilities.

With Bugcrowd, there’s no waiting weeks or months to get a report like with traditional penetration testing approaches. The Bugcrowd Platform lets you view vulnerabilities as soon as they are discovered and validated, rather than all at once at the end of the engagement. We also provide remediation advice that will help your IT and DevOps teams apply fixes fast, with prescriptive instructions by vulnerability type appended to every valid vulnerability based on Bugcrowd’s objective classification system, the Vulnerability Rating Taxonomy (VRT).

Embracing the crowdsourced model creates unlimited opportunity for you to benefit from working with trusted and talented pen testers from around the world. CrowdMatch™, a core technology of the Bugcrowd Platform, integrates years of program and researcher data to help match the right team for each customer’s unique engagement.

Bugcrowd pen testing delivers better results faster because we can incentivize our security researcher crowd. Bugcrowd’s incentive program approach encourages researchers to find the most critical and important vulnerabilities, rather than focusing on the volume of lower impact vulnerabilities like in traditional pen tests. Bugcrowd recognizes and rewards researchers with cash payouts for uncovering the most serious vulnerabilities. As an example of Bugcrowd’s efficacy: for a Fortune 500 company, Bugcrowd researchers discovered 90 vulnerabilities within the first 30 days compared to just 15 with their previous penetration test. They also received seven times as many critical and high severity vulnerabilities.

Secure your SDLC and minimize attack surfaces with on-demand and continuous pen testing options. Within countless organizations, the pressure is on to ship products faster. For security to keep pace, it’s necessary to continuously test assets as they move through your CI/CD pipeline, and be able to quickly schedule a pen test when that last minute change to an application inevitably occurs

Bugcrowd delivers the methodology-driven testing with reporting you need to meet critical compliance requirements, we just do it faster and with better outcomes through the crowd.  With Bugcrowd, you’ll get a higher quality test that follows standard methodologies like NIST, PTES and OSSTMM. You don’t have to wait weeks for your test to be scheduled, and you get real-time results streamed upon submission and validation, rather than waiting weeks for a report.


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