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Tips and Tricks to Penetration Testing: A Layered Security Approach

Pen testing is widely known as a key security best practice. In fact, earlier this month, The White House released a memo encouraging business leaders to take urgent action to counter ransomware threats. One of their guidelines addressed the importance of penetration testing. From the memo:

“Use a third party pen tester to test the security of your systems and your ability to defend against a sophisticated attack. Many ransomware criminals are aggressive and sophisticated and will find the equivalent of unlocked doors.”

This webinar dives into the layered approach of pen testing, a powerful way to discover new vulnerabilities in your assets. We’ll be talking to Bugcrowd experts Kaushik Srinivas and Michael Skelton (Codingo) to learn:

  • Why pen testing can be a security best practice
  • Different approaches to pen testing and how to find the best fit for your organization
  • Pen testing use cases and tips for better results
  • How to optimize pen testing incentives to best match your organization’s needs

We’ll also discuss Bugcrowd’s Pen Testing offerings and how you can tailor it to best match your needs and use cases.

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