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Network Penetration Testing

Secure Your Infrastructure
through Penetration Testing as-a-Service

Fortify your network assets rapidly and more completely with Bugcrowd Network Penetration Testing.

Outmaneuver Adversaries

In our hyperconnected world, threat actors can exploit vulnerabilities in infrastructure at breathtaking speed, putting your applications and data at risk. Conventional approaches to network pen testing often miss critical issues and can take weeks to produce results—time you can’t afford to waste. With Bugcrowd, you can launch a network pen test program and start boosting your security in as little as 72 hours.

Network Pen Testing to Help You Rest Easier

Bugcrowd Network Pen Testing gives you the edge you need to secure your internal and Internet-facing infrastructure, assets and data in less time. With Bugcrowd, crowdsourced security experts deeply experienced in network pen testing are target-matched to your organization’s goals and requirements.

Managed by Bugcrowd, these elite testers uncover network security issues including:

Unpatched & misconfigured systems

Complex architecture flaws that automated scanners miss

Weak authentication and authorization controls

Unknown assets on your networks

Unintentionally exposed

The Bugcrowd network pen testing methodology follows common testing standards, such as NIST, PTES and OSSTMM. Our solutions have improved cybersecurity for organizations worldwide, including top Fortune 500 companies in dozens of industries.

What You Get

In addition to expert matching, every Bugcrowd Network Pen Test includes:

Expert triage, issue validation and prioritization by the in-house Bugcrowd team

24/7 visibility into vulnerabilities with real-time findings via the Bugcrowd portal and integrations

Get detailed, expert advice on how to remediate discovered vulnerabilities to fix findings faster.

In-depth reporting that has been vetted to meet PCI, NIST, ISO 27001, and CMMC compliance and regulatory standard

The Power of the Platform—More Accurate Results Faster

Bugcrowd Network Penetration Testing is managed through the SaaS-based Bugcrowd Platform that uniquely combines crowd resource matching and security workflow automation to help you identify and resolve issues faster.

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