Stream 1 (Twitch) Stream 2 (Youtube)
8:15 AM Conference Kickoff & Welcome Address

Jason Haddix & Sam Houston

8:30 AM Why humans suck at calculating risk and how it affects security

Masha Sedova#SecurityIndustry

9:00 AM Serverless Top 10 Vulns

Tal Melamed#WebHacking

9:30 AM Behind the Curtain:
Safe Harbor and DoD

Amit Elazari, Kris Johnson, John Repici, Chloe Messdaghi (Moderator)#SecurityIndustry

10:00 AM Profiling the Attacker – Using Offender Profiling in SOC Environments

James Stevenson#SecurityIndustry

10:30 AM AEM hacker – approaching Adobe Experience Manager webapps in bug bounty programs

Mikhail Egorov

What you reap is what you sow

Chris Roberts#SecurityIndustry

11:00 AM
11:30 AM Finding Bugs with Binary Ninja

Jordan Wiens#BinaryReversing

From an IVI in a box to a CAR in a box

Ian Tabor#CarHacking

12:00 PM Social Engineering 101

Matteo Cagnazzo#SocialEngineering

IoT – Attacker Point of View

Arnaud Courty#IoTHacking

12:30 PM Break
1:00 PM API Security 101

Andy ‘Sadako’#APIHacking

Turbo Intruder: Abusing HTTP Misfeatures to Accelerate Attacks

James Kettle#WebHacking

1:30 PM API Testing Methodology

Jasmin Landry#APIHacking

iPhone Baseband Researcher + Reversing

Sem Voigtländer#MobileHacking

2:00 PM What’s in my toolbox

Richard Rushing#HackingMethodology

2:30 PM Mach0 and the AppStore

Murtaza Munaim#MobileHacking

3:00 PM From CTF to CVE

Joe Gray#HackingMethodology

The Law and You: Reducing the Cost of Free Speech

Nate Cardozo#SecurityIndustry

3:30 PM End Stream 2
4:00 PM Thank you and goodbye from Bugcrowd team!
See you in a few months at LevelUp 0x04!
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