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Inside the Mind of a Hacker

Your Ultimate Guide to Ethical Hackers and the Economics of Security Research


Inside the Mind of a Hacker 2021 offers new insight into the world of ethical hackers who are at the heart of the Bugcrowd Platform: Their eclectic identities, their kindred entrepreneurial spirit, and their shared and distinct motivations alike.

Opening a door to unique perspectives on hacking, this report highlights the most critical cybersecurity issues of our time, how Bugcrowd security researchers are producing best-in-class results, and why organizations can trust ethical hackers to secure their future with confidence.

Download the report now to learn:

  • Who ethical hackers are, the skills they have, and the incentives that motivate them.
  • What new survey findings can teach us about the next era of vulnerability disclosure.
  • When ethical hackers do their best work and what gets in the way of their success.
  • Where security researchers are focused and which industries leverage their expertise.
  • How ethical hackers behave in high-stakes situations and when no one is looking.
  • Why companies trust Bugcrowd to continuously secure innovation and mitigate risk.

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