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ESG Report

Attack Surface and Vulnerability Management Assessment

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How are leading organizations approaching attack surface and vulnerability management?

This new ESG research report dives into the data around these two security disciplines, segmenting statistics by security maturity – Leaders, Fast-followers, and Emerging Organizations. This segmentation makes it easy to find patterns and best practices adopted by leaders.

In this research report, you’ll learn how 200+ CISOs from around the world secure their attack surface, including how and when they hunt for vulnerabilities, how effective they find those measures to be, and where they plan to invest in the next year. It also covers penetration testing as a means of vulnerability discovery and the role of crowdsourced security for mature organizations.

Download the report to learn :

  • Why attack surface and vulnerability management are top priorities for every organization, regardless of security maturity
  • Why satisfaction with security tooling doesn’t always map to actual results
  • How security leaders plan to invest in these areas in the next few years

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