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How Hacking is Driving a New Cybersecurity Economy

How Hacking is Driving a New Cybersecurity Economy


Jeremy N. Smith’s latest book, “Breaking and Entering: The Extraordinary Story of a Hacker Called ‘Alien,’” tells a story of a young woman, whose computer intrigue, old‑school deception, and next generation spycraft lead her to a career in cybersecurity.

In the age of modern information security, this is becoming to the path of many. 81% of ethical hackers say their experience hacking has helped them land a job in cybersecurity. High-profile breaches are not going away and attack surfaces are growing, driving more enterprise organizations to look to hackers to bolster their security defenses because of their real-world experience, inquisitive nature and ability to think outside-the box.

Listen to “Breaking and Entering” author, Jeremy Smith and Founder, CTO and Chairman of Bugcrowd, Casey Ellis on for a discussion on :

  • An overview of “Breaking and Entering” and insights from Jeremy
  • Defining hacker and the shifting hacker culture
  • Who are they and what motivates them
  • How hacking is driving the next generation of cybersecurity professionals

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