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Making Security Researchers Successful in Crowdsourced Security

In crowdsourced cybersecurity, ensuring that security researchers feel challenged, valued, safe, and successful are critical goals for researchers and customers alike.

In this next episode of “Meet the Experts” webinar series, Bugcrowd’s VP of Operations Grant McCracken will explain:

  • Why researcher success matters–from customer and researcher points of view
  • The role of scope and incentives, and how customers should think about them
  • How to grow your program over time to optimize for researcher and customer success
  • How Bugcrowd invests in researcher success in its platform and services
Grant McCracken
Vice President of Operations
A long time veteran of Bugcrowd, Grant joined the organization as an Application Security Engineer in 2014. Since then, he has overseen the creation and maintenance of hundreds of crowdsourced security programs as a Solutions Architect, as well as led the Researcher Success, Support, and Security Operations groups. He has been hacking for nearly a decade and is an Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP). In his free time Grant enjoys writing and performing music, as well as staying active on running or hiking trails.
Justin (1)
Justin Kestelyn
Head of Product Marketing, Bugcrowd
Justin is the Head of Product Marketing at Bugcrowd, leading strategic initiatives for awareness and product adoption of the Bugcrowd Platform by customers and security researchers. Previously, he held product and developer marketing roles at Google Cloud, Cloudera and Oracle.

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