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OMIGOD Vulnerabilities

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A group of vulnerabilities in Open Management Infrastructure (OMI) branded as “OMIGOD” are actively being exploited in the wild, potentially affecting as many as two-thirds of all Microsoft Azure customers.Because the OMI agent runs as root, any OMI vuln allows attackers to remotely execute code with a single request and to escalate privileges. The scope includes Linux systems running in Azure when any of many commonly used services are enabled, including Azure Log Analytics, Azure Diagnostics, and Azure Security Center. On September 14, 2021, Microsoft released fixes for the OMIGOD vulnerabilities.Watch the 9-minute Security Flash with Casey Ellis (Founder, Chairman, and CTO of Bugcrowd) and Sajeeb Lohani (Director of Cybersecurity at Bugcrowd) discuss this subject, answering questions such as:
  • What happened?
  • Why is it concerning?
  • What should organizations be doing to stay secure?
  • How can Bugcrowd help?
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