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Managing The Paradigm Shift in Security Post-COVID

Managing The Paradigm Shift in Security Post-COVID


Security teams need to maintain their security posture, while dealing with the additional challenges of working in turbulent times. The world is full of skilled security experts but the challenge is being able to access those talents when needed. Instead of two full-time resources, organizations need fifty part-time resources — each with a specific skill set.

Join iON and Bugcrowd, as we present a virtual fireside chat to discuss new approaches in security to help increase efficiency and reduce risk.

During this discussion, we’ll cover:

  • The rise of the gig economy
  • Crowdsourcing vs outsourcing your cyber security
  • Examples of successful crowdsources models
  • Defining a security researcher or ethical hacker
  • How crowdsourced security is attracting the next generation of cybersecurity professionals

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