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Security Flash – MOVEit

In May of 2023, exploitations within the MOVEit software began popping up. MOVEit is a very popular piece of software that many organizations may not even realize they have. It is heavily used across large organizations and is usually external-facing with loads of sensitive information on it. 

So far, there are three highly-rated CVEs found: CVE-2023-35708, CVE-2023-34362, and CVE-2023-35036. Join Casey Ellis and Adam Foster on this 15-minute Security Flash to learn:

  • Why these vulnerabilities are a ransomware gang’s dream-come-true
  • Ways adversaries are using automation to quickly find and exploit these vulnerabilities
  • Steps to identify if MOVEit has been exploited in your environment
  • How to patch MOVEit without impacting access to the software

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