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Security Operations: How Builders And Breakers Can Work Together

Security Operations: How Builders And Breakers Can Work Together


Make sense of your security operations and threat landscape through the eyes of a hacker. Join Grant McCracken, (Sr. Director of Security Operations) and Michael Skelton (Top-50 Security Researcher and Global Head of Security Operations) with special guest Leif Dreizler (Sr. AppSec Engineer at Segment) for a fireside chat to learn how you can leverage the power of crowdsourced security to secure your assets and organization proactively.

In this video, you’ll discover:

  • How organizations can work better with security researchers
  • What the threat landscape looks like to an attacker
  • Advice and recommendations for organizations to get a handle on their exposure

You’ll hear unique perspectives from both researchers and security teams, and how they work together best to find more critical vulnerabilities.

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