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Security Operations: How Builders And Breakers Can Work Together

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Make sense of your security operations and threat landscape through the eyes of a hacker. Join Grant McCracken, (Sr. Director of Security Operations) and Michael Skelton (Top-50 Security Researcher and Global Head of Security Operations) with special guest Leif Dreizler (Sr. AppSec Engineer at Segment) for a fireside chat to learn how you can leverage the power of crowdsourced security to secure your assets and organization proactively.

In this video, you’ll discover:

  • How organizations can work better with security researchers
  • What the threat landscape looks like to an attacker
  • Advice and recommendations for organizations to get a handle on their exposure

You’ll hear unique perspectives from both researchers and security teams, and how they work together best to find more critical vulnerabilities.


Grant McCracken, (Sr. Director of Security Operations)

Grant McCracken
Bugcrowd, Sr. Director of Security Operations

Michael Skelton, Global Head of Security Operations

Michael Skelton
Bugcrowd, Global Head of Security Operations

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