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Security Reconnaissance with Codingo: How New Tricks Let Hackers See More

Learn How New Tricks Let Hackers See More


The right intel helps your organization sidestep breaches by finding holes and patching them—but what if you can’t discover critical gaps fast enough?

Join Michael Skelton (aka codingo), Global Head of Security Operations, as he workshops recon and teaches you how to outpace attackers by expanding the volume of mitigated threats with crowdsourced cybersecurity.

In this webinar, you’ll:

  • Discover new tricks hackers are using in 2020 to engage your web applications and find their weaknesses
  • Hear a fresh perspective on how you can quickly improve your existing approach
  • Gain insight into why you should review the data points you might be overlooking

Why Crowdsourced Security?

By admin-mk, May 31, 2022
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By admin-mk, Jun 04, 2022
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Bug Bounty Hunter Methodology v3

By admin-mk, Jun 05, 2022
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