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The Top Software Vulnerabilities of 2021

The Top Software Vulnerabilities of 2021


Accenture recently found that a large majority of business leaders (81%) believe that the cost of staying ahead of cybersecurity attackers is “unsustainable”. This perception of a losing battle continued to fuel an interest in more innovative and proactive approaches to cybersecurity, like that of Bugcrowd, in 2021.

Our new Priority One Report focuses on vulnerability trends as reflected by growing security researcher activity on our platform last year. Tune into this webinar featuring Bugcrowd Founder, Chairman, and CTO Casey Ellis to learn:

  • What were the top vulnerability types in 2021?
  • Which industries led the way to increase investment in crowdsourced cybersecurity?
  • How did vulnerability severity levels change?
  • What were the industry and policy trends that will influence adoption in 2022 and beyond?

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