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When Humans and Automation Combine for the 1 + 1 = 3

When Humans and Automation Combine for the 1+1=3


Gartner predicts worldwide spending on information security products and services will exceed $124 billion in 2019. There is no silver bullet in cybersecurity – no single solution or tool that can address all security issues. Companies are spending big bucks on a “defence in depth” approach based on the notion that while you might need many solutions in your network, you need solutions that address different aspects of security.

Some security solutions not only work well together- they actually improve the efficacy of one another- thereby providing exponential value to customers over time. This is smarter collaborative security.

Listen to AttackIQ Founder and CTO Stephan Chenette and Bugcrowd Founder, CTO, Chairman, Casey Ellis for a discussion on:

  • Whether there’s still value in prevention technologies
  • Whether there’s such a thing as too much data
  • How automation and human creativity enhance one another (1+1=3)
  • How to not only find, but tune the right resource for the right problem

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