As attack surfaces grow at a rapid pace, the status quo is no longer an option businesses around the world need to rethink their security strategies to level the cybersecurity playing field. Our value is cost effectively harnessing the creativity of a global Crowd of trusted white hat hackers to outsmart adversaries something you can’t get through traditional security testing alone.


Reduce Risk

Motivate researchers to think creatively and find high-impact vulnerabilities that present the most risk to the business.

Integrations & API

Lower Operational Overhead

Seamlessly integrate Bugcrowd vulnerability submissions into your SDLC with our cloud-based, managed solution.

Manage Finances

Improve ROI

Pay only for the vulnerabilities that present risk to the business – not for the time or effort it takes to find them.

A Better Approach to Security

By combining a vast and diverse workforce with a results-driven model, crowdsourced security programs outperform traditional methods-every time.

Leverage a team of trusted, white hat hackers to harness the same creativity your adversaries are using to attack you.

Define Your Attack Surface
Define the attack surfaces based on what is most important to your business.
Launch and Engage
Depending on the type of program, you can publish the program publicly or engage a more limited set of researchers privately.
Receive Validated Vulnerability Reports
As vulnerabilities are found by the researchers, they are triaged to determine validity and severity.
Reward Researchers and Remediate
Reward researcher (or grant public “kudos”), patch the vulnerability, and verify that the vulnerability has been remediated.

Managed bug bounty and vulnerability disclosure programs provide companies with the ability to level the playing field, strengthening the security of products as well as cultivating a mutually rewarding relationship with the security researcher community.

In this comprehensive guide, learn the ins and outs of crowdsourced security, managed bug bounty and vulnerability disclosure programs, the benefits of each, and how to successfully implement a managed bug bounty program as part of your application security strategy.

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