A Team of Experts

Experience trust, quality, and efficiency. Bugcrowd combines world-class program management, security DNA, and deep relationships with top, trusted white hat hackers worldwide to ensure the success of your crowdsourced security programs.

Customer Success
  • Onboards Customers to ensure a successful kickoff for your brand.
  • Crafts a “Program Roadmap” for each customer to ensure goals 
are met.
  • Performs regular one-on-one calls to handle questions and manage goals.
Avg. Monthly Program Updates
Security Operations
  • Works one-on-one with researchers, determining severity and validity.
  • Enriches vulnerability data to ensure submission are actionable.
  • Triage & reproduce submissions, escalating high-severity issues.
< 12 Hours
Avg. time to First Touch
Researcher Operations
  • Builds relationships with high performers.
  • Delivers incentive programs to retain the highest quality researchers.
  • Handles incidents & facilitates communication between customers and researchers.
Avg. weekly payout
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