Every year, billions of dollars are spent on cybersecurity technology. However, unlike so many other budget line items throughout the business, the solution often doesn’t permanently solve the problem. Cybersecurity isn’t a box to be checked–it’s a constant tug of war between attackers and the defenders trying to keep their organizations secure.

Tapping into the power of crowdsourced security

To supplement their efforts and address their specialized needs, many organizations are turning to a crowdsourced security model. Crowdsourced security comes in many forms, from bug bounty programs to penetration testing to vulnerability disclosure programs. They connect organizations to the ethical hacker community, leveraging hackers as an extension of their internal security teams.

For organizations considering a crowdsourced security approach, it can be difficult to know where to start. The industry is full of buzzwords and inflated statistics, leaving many feeling unsure what criteria to use when evaluating vendors. To help with this, we’ve created this simple scorecard, which highlights 10 items to prioritize. Whether you’re using this scorecard at the beginning stages of a vendor evaluation exercise or you already have a solution and you want to see how it stacks up, we hope it helps you feel empowered in your decision.

Crowdsourced security scorecard

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If you’d like to learn more about where to start when evaluating crowdsourced security vendors, we recommend our new checklist eBook, which dives even deeper into the 10 essentials listed above. Download the 10 Essentials to Look for in a Crowdsourced Security Platform today!