There has been a lot of talk lately about “red flags” and “green flags.” Red flags refer to a practice, attitude, or trend that causes concern, whereas green flags act as an indicator of best practices and positive direction. In the newest edition of Inside the Mind of a Hacker, we asked 1000 hackers what cybersecurity red flags they’ve noticed recently that should be seen as an area of concern. They identified six major red flags, which we’ve outlined in the infographic below. 

Cybersecurity Red Flags

Red Flag 1: Organizations who don’t understand their security breach potential

Red Flag 2: Organizations who aren’t preparing for the increased amount of vulnerabilities

Red Flag 3: Organizations who use point-in-time testing

Red Flag 4: Organizations who value cost savings over privacy

Red Flag 5: Organizations who don’t have a VDP

Red Flag 6: Organizations who don’t have enough scope in their programs


Green Flag: Someone who Reads Inside the Mind of a Hacker 

We may be a little biased, but we hear that the greenest possible green flag in a security professional is someone who reads Inside the Mind of a Hacker. This report is bursting with insights and data about the hacker community, plus newsworthy articles about how hackers are leveraging generative AI in their security workflows. You can download the report here.