Analytics and reporting is a critical focus area for the Bugcrowd Security Knowledge PlatformTM.  Having ingested vulnerability, asset, and researcher profile data into a unique Security Knowledge Graph over more than a decade of experience, our platform can offer data-driven insights about program health and improvement like nothing else in the industry.  

In 2022, Bugcrowd Security Knowledge Platform introduced a new platform feature, the Industry Versus Organization Comparison Report, to allow customers to benchmark the performance of their program against industry peers for augmenting or improving the overall performance of their program. Today, we’re announcing additional security benchmarking capabilities in the report: giving customers the ability to benchmark the performance of their program against different industry peers, and adding new performance metrics, as well.

We understand that customers have dynamic, complex businesses and need to benchmark against different industries to fully understand the performance of their program. So, we’re giving customers the ability to select up to three industries to compare against at a time.

We have also added four additional charts for Payout comparison for P1 through P4 submissions to help our customers understand how they compare in payouts versus their peers in different industries. Having that data should help them become more competitive for researcher attention and attract more researchers to their program.