Often in business, organizations wonder how they are doing compared to industry benchmarks. Security is no different. When organizations implement a security solution in their technology stack, their goal is to make sure the solution does what it is supposed to and that the company gets the most value out of the solution.  

The Bugcrowd Security Knowledge Platform helps organizations continuously find vulnerabilities that other approaches miss. With our new platform feature, the Industry Versus Organization Comparison Report, customers can benchmark the performance of their program against that of their industry peers and learn how to augment or improve the overall performance of their program.  

With this unique feature, Bugcrowd is helping its customers realize the full potential of the Bugcrowd Security Knowledge Platform. 

The report provides the following information per quarter at the organization level:

  • Number of submissions
  • Priority of submissions
  • Unique researchers
  • Number of rewards
  • Number of accepted submissions
  • Number of fixed submissions

Sample Industry versus Organization Comparison Report

At Bugcrowd, we continuously strive to deliver value to our customers. Comparing their organization’s performance against the industry allows them to see how well their security programs are performing, and make tweaks or changes to get maximum value from the Bugcrowd Platform. 

Get started today and find out how to go about creating the report here.