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Bug Bounty Myth #3: Running a Bug Bounty Program is Too Risky

In our recently released guide, 7 Bug Bounty Myths, Busted, we addressed some common misconceptions about the bug bounty model. We’re spending some time each week to take a deeper dive into those myths one by one. We started by addressing the misconception that bug bounty programs are all public and open to everyone and last week discussed the types of companies engaging with the bug bounty model. This week, we’re talking about risk…  

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Bugcrowd Programs at a Glance

The crowdsourced security space is evolving rapidly. At Bugcrowd, we have more first-time Program Owners than ever trying out crowdsourced security economics through our Vulnerability Disclosure Programs and hundreds who have transitioned to on-demand and ongoing Bug Bounty Programs. We…

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Bug Bounty Myth #2: Only Tech Companies Run Bug Bounties

In our recently released guide, 7 Bug Bounty Myths, Busted, we addressed some common misconceptions about the bug bounty model and bug bounty programs. We’re spending some time each week to take a deeper dive at those myths one by one. Last week we talked about the misconception that bug bounties are all public, and are open to everyone. Today, we’re addressing a related misconception regarding the types of companies engaging with the bug bounty model.

Myth #2: Only tech companies run bug bounty programs

By taking a quick look at our public programs page, our customers page, and our ‘List’ page, it’s clear that this isn’t true.

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Bug Bounty Myth #1: All Bug Bounty Programs are ‘Public’

This year, bug bounties have hit an all-time high in the news, and are well on their way to becoming a necessity in any mature security organization. Because of that buzz and the positive traction the bug bounty space is seeing, it’s easy for us to forget that this is still a new approach to security that not everyone fully understands. That’s why we’ve put our ears to the ground to pick up on some commonly held misconceptions about how they work, why they work, and for whom they’re ideal. 

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Spring is here and so is… RSA!

The countdown is on for one of the busiest weeks in cybersecurity: RSA, BSides SF, OURSA. This year’s events promise to bring the very latest in information security research, development, and trends - covering everything from GDPR and cryptocurrency to…

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Third Annual Buggy Awards Announced

We are pleased to announce the Third Annual Buggy Awards! These awards represent a select group of individuals and organizations who have done fantastic work in the crowdsourced security space in the past year. These awards highlight the achievements of…

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Managing your Crowdcontrol Sessions

Security is Bugcrowd’s top priority. We are continuously exploring new ways to secure our users’ personal information and the vulnerability data that lives in our platform, and securing that data starts with securing how it’s accessed. That’s why, starting today,…

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