Over the last seven years, Bugcrowd has been proudly rewarding the whitehat hacker community for their skills and creativity in identifying some of the most impactful security issues for our customers.

As those on the Bugcrowd platform know, and often look forward to, we pay out for valid findings on a weekly basis. 

We’re extremely excited to announce that we’ve hit a milestone: last week, we paid out over a half million dollars, straight to our hackers’ pockets!

Overall for the month of October, Bugcrowd paid out $1.6 million to over 550 hackers, with our biggest payout to a single hacker totaling over $40,000. The Crowd also surfaced more than 300 P1s! Looking back to October 2014, we paid out nearly $30,000 to 85 hackers, and uncovered five P1s. In a matter of a five-year span, we’ve exponentially multiplied payouts, Crowd engagement, and critical findings, and to say we’re excited is an understatement. 

Bugcrowd continues to see payouts increase year-over-year — in 2019, we saw an increase of more than 80% over 2018’s payouts. As more organizations reach security maturity and trust in the value of the Crowd, we will continue to see more programs launch and pay out in higher sums. Great news for our researchers, both new and experienced on the platform.

For those just starting out, we’re always committed to growing our community and uplifting the skills of our hackers. That’s why we launched Bugcrowd University in 2018, offering free, ungated resources co-curated by our community and security experts to help other hackers hone their skills.

We can’t wait for the amazing work to come from Crowd as we finish off the year. Happy hunting!

To get involved, visit our Bugcrowd programs page: https://bugcrowd.com/programs