Understanding and building trust within the researcher community is a fundamental part of Bugcrowd’s program invite process. The more you share with us about yourself and your skills, the faster we can get you on the right programs. 

Recently, we expanded our Private Invitation system to utilize CrowdMatch. This ensures that we provide the best program matches tailored to a researcher’s interests and skill sets. This is part of our continuous efforts to get the right researcher matched with the right program! 

How does the invite process work? 

Our CrowdMatch recommendation engine analyzes multiple data streams and synthesizes the results to recommend best-matched programs based on a researcher’s platform performance, behavior, skills, and availability. 

Researchers that keep their profile information and preferences up to date and are consistently active should have no worries about qualifying into our CrowdMatch brackets. In other words, stay active, stay connected, and show impact to maximize the number of invites you see in your inbox! 

Looking for more invites? 

There’s nothing better than waking up to a fresh program invitation in your inbox. That exhilarating feeling of taking on a new challenge never gets old! 

With our expanded product offerings, including penetration testing, attack surface management, vulnerability disclosure programs, and new program launches each week, we are consistently on the lookout for a wide range of skills and backgrounds.

Whether you’re a fresher or seasoned researcher, we recommend the following:

How to get invites infographic


  • Fill out the Resume and Skills and Interests sections in your Researcher Profile. This is one of the best ways for us to understand your background. You can use these features to tell us all about your skills and your information security accomplishments and beyond! 
  • Connect your GitHub, StackOverflow, and PentesterLab accounts to give us a better understanding of your skills, interests, and experiences.
  • Keep your profile information up to date with your preferences and availability so we know you are ready to hunt! 
  • Diversify your skill set so you can qualify for more types of tests. 
  • Participate in a variety of programs, including public, private, waitlisted, and joinable.
  • Be active and show your impact! 
    • We calculate impact based on the number of unique higher-priority submissions reported and consistent activity on Bugcrowd programs. The more impact and signal you can boost across the platform, the more likely you’ll see new invites in your inbox. 

Get hacking!

Even if you’ve never hunted with us, there are always opportunities to make your mark! 

Our Programs page provides our current program offerings and includes information on the reward ranges, scopes, and target types for specific engagements. Check out our Waitlisted and Joinable programs to gain immediate access to some of our private program opportunities, which range from testing web apps and APIs to reverse-engineering binaries/desktop apps, network pen tests, and even testing IoT devices! 

What happened to the old Invites process? 

Previously, program invites were sent to researchers based on their levels of accuracy, trust, impact, and activity on the Bugcrowd Platform all time and within the last 90 days. While we still evaluate a researcher’s performance on the Bugcrowd Platform, we have made substantial enhancements to the Platform to ensure that a holistic understanding of a researcher’s skills and interests are also considered during the invite process. We want to do our best to acknowledge the unique needs and interests of each of our researchers!

Whether you’ve hacked with us for five minutes or five years, we’re working hard to get you on your new favorite program. Happy hunting!