As of today, we are proud to announce that we are moving to Daily Payouts as the next phase of our Bugcrowd Payments enhancements, with lowered transaction costs and increased invites to top earners on our platform. 

Faster time to Payments

Bugcrowd Daily Payments for Researchers

With pay-runs now happening every business day, you now have the added flexibility of being paid when you want and how you want. Daily payouts gets you payments faster than ever, with the ability to be paid within a business day of being rewarded. In addition to newly added Bank transfer methods, the platform now supports Wire, ACH, local bank transfer to 60+ countries, and PayPal. This improved flexibility allows you tighter control of payment scheduling, lower conversion fees, and a more steady income. 

Lower Currency Conversion Fees on Bugcrowd

Bugcrowd Payments ensures transparency in transaction and currency conversion fees. To help create the best environment for researchers, Bugcrowd offers a variety of payment methods to best suit your needs. This includes our recently launched local, Bank Transfer which has lower currency conversion fees and gets money into your account faster!

Incremental Private Invites Based on Payouts on Bugcrowd Platform 

20% More Invites to Top Earners

In celebration of our changes to Bugcrowd Payments, we are updating how we service private program invites to reward the hard work of the Crowd. Starting today, our top earners on the platform will receive 20% more invites!

This is a taste of the changes we are making to the platform to improve how programs are recommended to you based on profile information such as resumes and skills, as well as platform successes.

Tax Form Management & Compliance

In order to receive payments through the Bugcrowd platform, you must file a Tax Form (W-9 or W-8BEN) within our Payments portal. The platform makes it easy to manage your tax forms and review relevant end of year filings.

Once submitted, our team cross-checks the name and address information across the Tax Form, Payment Method and Recipient information. This ensure the compliance check, tax form and payment are all for the same person. Compliance checks, regardless of payment method, are completed prior to every transaction to uphold internal standards. 

What’s Next for Payments?

Many researchers prefer to hold their rewards in their Bugcrowd account. Only withdrawing smaller amounts as needed for better management against exchange rates for their local currency. We are working on improving these payment controls, giving you better control over withdrawing how much you want and when you want. 

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Please reach out to with any questions about the payments process, or if you need help setting up your payment details.

Resources for Payments