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Excellerate your Hunting with Bugcrowd and Microsoft! — The Sequel

Excellerate Your Hunting With Bugcrowd And Microsoft! — The Sequel

Looking for some extra cash in your pocket? We’ve got a limited-run incentive made just for you. As a proud partner with Microsoft as a bounty payment provider since 2019, Bugcrowd is excited to announce the return of our Excellerate Program — version 2.0

Take note! We’re changing up the reward structure this year. We’ve decided to avoid global supply chain delays and lean more heavily on cash bonus rewards instead. #CashRegisterSounds


  • Researchers must submit all reports directly to Microsoft
  • All Microsoft bounty award payments that are processed through Bugcrowd are eligible for this program
  • The qualifying period started today, December 1st 2021 (12:00 AM UTC), and runs through February 28th, 2021 (11:59 PM UTC)
  • At the end of this period, the Bugcrowd team will add up the Total Reward Amount paid to each researcher from Microsoft
  • Based on this Total Reward Amount you will place in 1 out of the 10 Award Tiers. Tiers include a combination of swag awards and bonus payments
  • In addition to the standard tiers, we are offering two additional top-level awards. Check out the details below!

Award Tiers

LevelSwag AwardCash Bonus
Tier 1 : $1kChallenge Coin
Tier 2 : $2.5kChallenge Coin + Special Edition TShirt
Tier 3 : $5kChallenge Coin + Special Edition TShirt$100
Tier 4 : $10kChallenge Coin + Special Edition TShirt$200
Tier 5 : $25kChallenge Coin + Special Edition TShirt$500
Tier 6 : $50kChallenge Coin + Special Edition TShirt$1,000
Tier 7 : $75kChallenge Coin + Special Edition TShirt$1,500
Tier 8 : $125kChallenge Coin + Special Edition TShirt$2,500
Tier 9 : $250kChallenge Coin + Special Edition TShirt$5,000
Tier 10 : $500kChallenge Coin + Special Edition TShirt$10,000

In addition to the standard award tiers we are offering 2 bonus prizes! #Amaze #Woah

Top Total Payout AmountSwag Mega-Awesome Award (Value: $2,000)
Most Reports PaidTotally Ridiculous Prize (Value: $1,000)

The two hackers that earn these top-level awards will get to decide what they want as their prize. You might want to choose a new computer or drone, maybe a spy-watch-with-lasers or a travel voucher, or quite possibly a donation to a charity of your choice. It’s up to you to decide!

How to get started

Not currently participating in the Microsoft Bounty Program? Head over to Microsoft Bounty Program to learn more about eligible research and to the MSRC Researcher Portal to start submitting vulnerability reports. Be sure to choose Bugcrowd as the payment partner to ensure your rewards qualify for the Excellerate incentive program!

We’re looking forward to seeing you EXCEL 

Happy Hunting


Michael Hamel

Manager of Strategic Initiatives

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